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Our Mission


In a Nutshell

Deone's mission is to write and publish GOOD NEWS in addition to traveling the world to help children and adults with personal and professional development using her unique style of public speaking, certified training, and professional background in a multitude of industries.  

She enjoys working with children and young adults of all ages.

"It is very important for us to "prepare" our young people for the working world," says Deone. "And I'm just the person to help!"

She strongly believes that MAKING CHANGES TO BETTER



Flavor News was established by Deone McWilliams in February 2006. In 2010 because of a little boy's request, she launched her 1st GOOD NEWS news-paper, Flavor News, which was featured in over 25 Ukrop's grocery stores, as well as inside The White House (Washington, DC). Unfortunately, she ended the newspaper due to competition and having to work in Corporate America. However, she wasn't going to give up!  In 2014, after ex-periencing seven (7) family deaths in one (1) year, Deone knew she had made a promise to her 7-year-old grandson, and she was determined to keep it. 


Read "Deone's Testimony" to learn more.

Deone McWilliams is an extremely passionate entrepreneur who has worked with many children and adults, owned, written, and published three (3) newspapers.  To-date (February 2024), not only has she written/published a Worldwide "good news" paper (Good News USA), but she hasn't missed an issue in 113 months...celebrating 10 years!

What's even more inspiring to so many people is that she started this newspaper with ONLY $22 to her name after leaving Corporate America in 2014. Yes! She took The Faith Walk! Now it's time to travel the world!

               COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU 

                          "My $22 Faith Walk"

               The Unstoppable Entrepreneur!


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All GOOD News... Yes!



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