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On behalf of the City of Richmond, Congratulations Deone and NyRiian!  Thank you for providing our communities with THE GOOD NEWS.

The Honorable Levar M. Stoney, Mayor, City of Richmond, Virginia  




Deone McWilliams

Host, Chief Editor, Professional Speaker

Greetings, and welcome to THE GOOD NEWS media platform! My passion for writing and releasing my creativity began at a very young age, seven (7).  Yes! I was just in the 2nd grade under the direction of an educational Angel, my teacher Ernestine Green. She noticed something special inside of me and allowed me to express myself through writing, creating, and speaking. 

My love for the lord, mother's independence and determination to teach us how to be young ladies, coupled with my  father's entrepreneurial spirit and amazing musical talents (gospel vocalist and pianist), all made me who I am today, and I'm so humbly grateful.  Another Angel, who at the age of 7 (what a coincidence--no, it was by design!) asked me to help get rid of all the bad news by writing a GOOD NEWSpaper. That little boy (NyRiian)  is now 20 and he's my grandson (currently serving his country - U.S. Navy).  

I have been blessed with a multitude of gifts and talents: writing/creating newspapers, directing & producing my own live audience talk show (Washington, DC) and soap opera (Richmond, VA) giving individuals who aspired to be writers, singers, actors, dancers, etc. opportunities to express themselves -- especially people who couldn't afford to attend college.  Additionally, I have held positions in public relations and marketing, executive (administrative), legal, human resources, modeling (former Neiman Marcus model) industries, a certified Etiquette Consultant, Career and Professional Development Coach, Motivational Speaker, and I love to sing! The bottom line is this: Through this particular media platform, God is allowing me to utilize ALL the gifts he blessed with me--and I'm so excited to share them with THE WORLD!

Mrs. Good News (Deone McWilliams)
Meets Mr. Good News
(Terrance Dixon, NBC12)

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