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Welcome to THE GOOD STORE - WKMTP (Worldwide KIDS Media Training Program)

Stay tuned for ITEMS FOR SALE!

Why Deone began selling her own personal items and asking for donations?

CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and Talk Show Host, Deone McWilliams wanted to find a way for ALL CHILDREN to be able to participate in her newly launched program: Worldwide KIDS Media Training Program (WKMTP), and she wanted to begin working with kids immediately.  So, she decided to begin selling her own personal items from home, office, and storage unit to cover the cost ($500 per child).  Then, the thought entered her mind, "What if we were to start asking people if they would consider donating whatever amount they could afford?" That's right! We're not asking for you to pay the cost in full unless you decide to do so. But, what we are humbly asking is that you consider donating "a portion" of the cost (i.e., $20, $40, $50, $100...). Whatever amount you can afford will be applied to a child's registration and he or she will begin training immediately (yes, before the full amount is paid). If a child's program cost isn't paid in full, Deone will still continue training the child (we're not here to disappoint children--we're here to help them).  Thank you so much for your assistance.

Yes, we accept donations.

Flavor News is on a serious mission to help children all over the world by TEACHING JOURNALISM either in-person or virtually. Says Deone, "If my 2nd grade teacher saw something special within me at age 7, I know our kids today (5 and older) are ready and deserve this opportunity.

No, we're not a non-profit business, but that doesn't mean financial help isn't needed. Should you decide to contribute, you will have the option of having your name and/or business mentioned during our talk show, as well as in our newspaper, GOOD NEWS USA (formerly Northside Vibes - visit

If you're interested in sponsoring a child, please complete the two boxes below. Box 1: enter description (i.e., WKMTP), Box 2: enter exact amount of your donation (i.e., 20.00). Then select your method of payment, enter information, and that's it! 

Last but not least, please send us an email letting us know you made a donation. Email Thank you and God bless!

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