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What We Do?


Connecting People Through Words


Words are very important, especially when it comes to communicating with one another. We are determined to share our media platform with individuals who want to express themselves 

regarding certain topics of discussion.

Although we realize that not everyone will agree with one another during our discussions, but we ask that we all understand that we're entitled to our own opinions.  What we will agree upon, however, 

is exhibiting the utmost respect for one another (smile!).

Our Services


Making a Healthy Plan

Your Interview Session

Prior to each show, 

we will conduct a 

pre-interview session in order to develop a healthy plan for 

your appearance.

Virtual Interviews/Talk Shows

Communicating via Zoom

We realize some people are more comfortable conversing "via Zoom". 

No worries whatsoever! 

We will be glad to speak 

with you virtually.

Conducting Research

Providing You With Factual Information

We take our time to conduct research prior to our shows to ensure we're on point (factual information). 

But remember, no one is perfect!

COMING SOON - Photography Studio for Special Guests of THE GOOD TALK!

Yes! Being a special guest on THE GOOD TALK comes with its perks!

Each guest will not only sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with our Host,

 Deone McWilliams, but prior to the show, he or she will participate in a professional photo shoot, 

and then be featured in RVA's Worldwide GOOD NEWSpaper, GOOD NEWS USA! 


We "feature" and "talk about" the GOOD NEWS!

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